About us


The idea of international cooperation practiced through the different gathering of Eastern European RADO, and Central European ADO resulted in October 2011 by establishing not for profit organization “Clean Game.” At that moment, Doping Control Officers (DCO) from several National Antidoping Organizations (NADO) and Antidoping Organizations (ADO) from Lithuania, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine decided to work together. The name of “Clean Game” is associated with the well-known campaign of FIBA, since we have been present in basketball for 15 years as doping control officers. But the main idea is to organize existing Doping Control Officers under one organization to offer their service In-Competition, Out-of-Competition Testing, Therapeutic Use Exemption, Results Management, Education, and Research under one umbrella. Clean Game has a network of Doping Control Officers who are at the same time Blood Collection Officers (BCO), which is the cost-beneficial. We could provide a fast, effective, and professional doping control at short notice. Our practices are based on the experience and ethics of each member who is doing regular doping control in respected National Anti-Doping Organizations.

Responsibility and excellence of experienced and existing DCOs from different NADOs who have done many antidoping controls, as well as projects presented on various sports medicine and science meetings, are the core of the Clean Game.

Organize, perform, and manage doping controls by experience Doping Control Officers, mainly medical doctors whose everyday life is oriented to antidoping fight, sports medicine, education, and research. We know how limited is the budget of the International Federation, and because of that, we are sure that many sports accept our not for profit initiative.